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Juan Fernando Saldarriaga Elorza

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Los Andes


Juan Fernando Saldarriaga Elorza is currently working as an assistant professor at University of Los Andes.

Research Interest



  • Saldarriaga J. F, Aguado R, Aitor A, John G, Bilbao J, Olazar M. (2016) Correlation for Calculating Heat Transfer Coefficient in Conical Spouted Beds. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (ISSN 0888-5885) 55 (-), pp. 9524-9532.

  • Altzibar H, Estiati I, Lopez G, Saldarriaga J. F, Aguado R, Bilbao J, Olazar M. (2017) Fountain confined conical spouted beds. Powder Technology (ISSN 0032-5910) 312 (-), pp. 334-346.

  • Zapata I, Martínez L, Posada E, González M, Saldarriaga JF (2017) Effects of the Californian red worm (Eisenia foetida) on the growth of microorganisms in contaminated with mercury Segovia, Antoquia soils. Science and Engineering Neogranadina (ISSN 0124-8170) 27 (-), pp. 77-90.

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