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Juan Pablo Ramos Bonilla

Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Los Andes

Juan Pablo Ramos Bonilla


Juan Pablo Ramos Bonilla is currently working as an associate professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University.

Research Interest



  • Morales R, Boris G, Balachandran S, Ramos-Bonilla J, Sarmiento OL, Gallo S, Contreras Y. (2017) Exposure to fine particulate, black carbon, and particle number concentration in transportation microenvironments. Atmospheric Environment (ISSN 1352-2310) 157 (-), pp. 135-145.

  • Ramos-Bonilla J. (2017) Estimation of personal exposure to asbestos of brake repair workers. Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology (ISSN 1559-0631) 27 (-), pp. 417-426.

  • Kittisak Sawanyawisuth, Sugio Furuya, Eun Kee Park, Jun Pyo Myong, Ramos-Bonilla J, Odgerel Chimed Ochir, Takahashi K. (2017) Compensation for Asbestos-Related Diseases in Japan: Utilization of Standard Classifications of Industry and Occupations. Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention (ISSN 2476-762X) 18 (-), pp. 253-256.

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