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Luis Humbero Reyes

Assistant Professor
Department of Chemical engineering
University of Los Andes


Luis Humbero Reyes is currently working as an assistant professor at University of Los Andes.

Research Interest

Chemical engineering


  • Reyes L, Almario M, Winkler J, Orozco M, Kao K. (2012) Visualizing evolution in real time to determine the molecular mechanisms of n-butanol tolerance in Escherichia coli. Metabolic Engineering (ISSN 1096-7176) 14 (N/ A), pp. 579-590.

  • Almario M, Reyes L, Kao K. (2012) Evolutionary engineering strategies to enhance tolerance of xylose utilizing recombinant yeast to inhibitors derived from spruce biomass. Biotechnology and Bioengineering (ISSN 0006-3592) 110 (N/ A), pp. 2616-2623.

  • Reyes L. (2014) Improving carotenoids production in yeast via adaptive laboratory evolution. Metabolic Engineering (ISSN 1096-7176) 21 (N/ A), pp. 26-33.

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