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Mario Linares Vásquez

Assistant Professor
Department of Systems Engineering and computing
University of Los Andes


Mario Linares Vásquez is an assistant professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from College of William and Mary, USA.

Research Interest

Software Maintenance and Evolution (emphasis in Android Applications), Repository Mining Software, Automatic Summarization Code Generation, Mobile Applications Automatic Tests


  • Linares-Vásquez M, Mcmillan C, Poshyvanyk D, Grechanik M. (2014) On Using Machine Learning to Automatically Classify Software Applications into Domain Categories. Empirical Software Engineering (ISSN 1382-3256) 19 (3), pp. 582-618.

  • Vendome C, Bavota G, Penta M, Linares-Vásquez M, German D, Poshyvanyk D. (2016) License usage and changes: a large-scale study on gitHub. Empirical Software Engineering (ISSN 1382-3256) 22 (3), pp. 1537-1577.

  • Linares-Vásquez M, Vendome C, Tufano M, Poshyvanyk D. (2017) How developers micro-optimize Android apps. Journal of Systems and Software (ISSN 0164-1212) 130 (-), pp. 1-23.

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