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Nicolás Ríos Ratkovich

assistant professor
Department of Chemical engineering
University of Los Andes


Nicolás Ríos Ratkovich is currently working as an assistant professor at University of Los Andes. He received his Master from Mälardalen University College.

Research Interest

wastewater treatment, computational fluid dynamics


  • Murillo C, Bardin-monnier N, Blanchard C, Funfschilling D, Muñoz F, Rios N, Vizcaya D, Dufaud O. (2016) CFD to Improve the Repeatability and Accuracy of Dust Explosion Tests in the 20-liters Sphere. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING TRANSACTIONS (ISSN 2283-9216) 48 (N/A), pp. 115-120.

  • Gallo J, Rios N, Alvarez O. (2017) Multiscale Analysis of Water-in-Oil Emulsions: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Approach. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (ISSN 0888-5885) 56 (N/ A), pp. 7757-7767.

  • Vizcaya D, Murillo C, Pinilla J, Amin M, Muñoz F, Rios N, Bardin-monnier N, Dafaud O. (2017) CFD as an approach to understand flammable dust 20 L standard test: effect of the ignition time on the fluid flow. AICHE Journal (ISSN 0001-1541) 1 (N/ A), pp. 1-10.

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