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Wolfram Baumann

Department of Chemistry
University of Los Andes


Studies of Physics and Chemistry in Würzburg and Mainz, Germany. Doctorate (1971) and habilitation (1979) in Physicochemistry in Mainz. Until 2006 professor of the University of Mainz, 2006 pension. 12 years president of the Center for Environmental Research of the U of Mainz. Until today it represents the U of Mainz in its agreements with Uniandes and UniNorte. From 35 years until the end of 2013 member of several DAAD committees and their foreign counterparts. From 2008 until today professor and until January 2016 director of the Department of Chemistry of the University of the Andes.

Research Interest



  • Molecular Stark Effect Spectroscopy of Diflavonol and Inhomogeneous Broadening of Its Electronic Spectra in Erythrocyte Membranes NA Nemkovich, W. Baumann, Yu.V. Kruchenkov, GI Kurilo, VG Pivovarenko, and AN Rubinov Optics and Spectroscopy 110, No. 4, 541-549 (2011)

  • Presence of organochlorine pesticides in breast milk samples from Colombian women Rojas-Squella X, Santos L, Baumann W, Landaeta D, Jaimes A, Correa JC, Sarmiento OL, Ramos-Bonilla JP Chemosphere 91 (6) 733-739 (2013), ISSN 0045-6535

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