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Yenny Rocío Hernández Pico

Assistant Professor
Department of Physics
University of Los Andes


Yenny Rocío is currently working as an assistant professor at University of Los Andes.

Research Interest

Nano Technology


  • Richter N, Hernandez Y, Schweitzer S, Kim J, Patra A, Jan E, Lieberwirth I, Liscio A, Palermo V, Feng X, Hirsch A, Mullen K., Klaeui M. (2017) Robust Two-Dimensional Electronic Properties in Three-Dimensional Microstructures of Rotationally Stacked Turbostratic Graphene. Physical Review Applied () 7 (N / A), pp. 1-10.

  • Hurtado M, Ortiz M, Acuna C, Nerl H, Nicolosi V, Hernandez Y. (2016) Efficient fluorescence quenching in electrochemically exfoliated graphene decorated with gold nanoparticles. Nanotechnology (ISSN 0957-4484) 27 (N / A), pp. 1-6.

  • Hernandez Y. (2017) Graphene-Au nanoparticle based vertical heterostructures: A novel route towards high-ZT Thermoelectric devices. Nano Energy (ISSN 2211-2855) 38 (-), pp. 385-391.

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