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Steven W. Keller

Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Columbia

Steven W. Keller


Associate Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia,The thread running through all of my research projects is the combination of molecular species with extended solids to create new, fundamentally interesting, and technologically useful materials. Historically, high temperature ceramic processing methods have been employed in the synthesis of solid-state materials. Under such extreme conditions it is often difficult (or impossible) to isolate anything but the thermodynamically favored product. By using "pre-formed" molecular species in concert with lower reaction temperatures, more rationally designed materials can be prepared, often with desired physical properties.

Research Interest

Inorganic, Solid-State, Materials, Supramolecular


  • S. Lopez and S. W. Keller, “Subtle Changes, Profound Effects: Synthesis and Crystal Structures of Helical Copper(I):4,7-Phenanthroline Coordination Polymers” Cryst. Eng. 1999, 2, 101-114.

  • Jacqueline M. Knaust, Susan Lopez and Steven W. Keller* (invited), "Dimensional Control over bis-1,2-(4-pyridyl)ethylene Cu(I) Coordination Networks", Inorganica Chimica Acta, 2001, 324, 81.

  • Chad Inman, Jacqueline M. Knaust, and Steven W. Keller, "A Polyoxometallate-Templated Cu(I) Coordination Polymer: Synthesis and Crystal Structure of Cu3(4,4'-bipyridine)]PW12O40", Chemical Communications, 2002, 156.

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