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After a university degree in Biochemistry, she chose the Diploma of Advanced Studies of "Sensory Neurobiology & Neurochemistry of Communication and Integration Processes" at the University of Sciences of Montpellier. She therefore began the study of neuronal plasticity by studying a surprisingly plastic system: the vestibular system. During her doctorate, in the laboratory of Professor Alain Sans, she studied the development of the central vestibular neurons and the plasticity of the vestibular network after a labyrinthine lesion or a unilateral vestibular neurectomy. They know that mammals, including humans, compensate surprisingly well for unilateral loss of the balance system after a critical phase including acute symptoms. she have thus defined the various glutamatergic receptor subtypes involved in the transmission of labyrinthine messages during the various stages of postnatal development, but also determined their roles in the mechanisms of plasticity after hemilabyrinthectomy in adults. and in particular the regulation of certain important proteins: calcium-binding proteins (Sans et al., 1995) and glutamate receptors (Sans et al., 1997, 2000).

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