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Ana Šantić

Research associate
Division of Materials Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 2005 Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Department of Chemistry, PhD 2000 Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Department of Chemistry, Chemiae Ingeneriaurus Diplomate Probatus (Diploma in Chemistry)

Research Interest

Materials Chemistry


  • A. Šantić*, A. Moguš-Milanković, Charge carrier dynamics in materials with disordered structures: A case study of iron phosphate glasses, Croat. Chem. Acta, 85 (2012) 245-254.

  • A. Šantić*, M. Čalogović, L. Pavić, J. Gladić, Z. Vučić, D. Lovrić, K. Prskalo, B. Janković, Z. Tarle, A. Moguš-Milanković, New insights into the setting processes of glass ionomer cements from analysis of dielectric properties, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 98 (2015) 3869-3876.

  • A. Maršavelski, V. Smrečki, R. Vianello, M. Žinić, A. Moguš-Milanković, A. Šantić*, Supramolecular Ionic-liquid Gels with High Ionic Conductivity, Chem. Eur. J., 21 (2015) 12121-12128.

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