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Berislav Perić

Division of Materials Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 2004, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, PhD in Physics (crystallography amd magnetism) 2001, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Master degree in Molecular Biophiscics (crystallography) 1995, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, BSc in Physics (solid state physics)

Research Interest

Materials Chemistry


  • Fontaine, Bruno; Cordier, Stéphane; Gautier, Régis; Gulo, Fakhili; Halet, Jean-François; Perić, Berislav; Perrin Christiane. Octahedral Niobium Cluster-Based Solid State Halides and Oxyhalides: Effects of the Cluster Condensation via Oxygen Ligand on Electronic and Magnetic Properties. New Journal of Chemistry (2011) 35 (2011) 2245-2252.

  • Užarević, Krunoslav; Kokan, Zoran; Perić, Berislav; Bregović, Nikola; Kirin Srećko I. Concomitant polymorphism in the pseudo-peptide Me2N-pC6H4C(O)-Phe-OEt. Journal of Molecular Structure 1031 (2013) 160-167.

  • Perić, Berislav; Gautier Regis; Pickard, Chris J.; Bosiočić, Marko; Grbić, Mihael S.; Požek, Miroslav. Solid-State NMR/NQR and First-Principles Study of Two Niobium Halide Cluster Compounds. Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 59/60 (2014) 20-30.

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