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Ines Despotović

Research associate
Division of Physical Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute

Ines Despotović


Ines Despotović is currently working at Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Division of Physical Chemistry.

Research Interest



  • Šumanovac Ramljak, Tatjana; Despotović, Ines; Bertoša, Branimir; Mlinarić-Majerski, Kata. Synthesis and alkali metal complexation studies of novel cage-functionalized cryptands. // Tetrahedron. 69 (2013) , 49; 10610-10620.

  • Despotović, Ines; Vianello, Robert. Engineering exceptionally strong oxygen superbases with 1, 8-diazanaphthalene di-N-oxides. // Chemical communications. 50 (2014) , 75; 10941-10944.

  • Despotović, Ines. Complexation of some alkali and alkaline earth metal cations by macrocyclic compounds containing four pyridine subunits - a DFT study. // New journal of chemistry. 39 (2015) ; 6151-6162.

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