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Leo Frkanec

Senior Scientist / Full Professor
Division of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 1975. – 1979. High school, II. Gymnasium, Zagreb , Croatia 1979. – 1986. Study of Chemistry and Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb , Croatia. 22.01.1986. B. Sc. Degree: “Extraction of Molibdenum(VI) with 3-Hydroxy-2-Methyl-1-(4-Tolyl)-4-Piridone”, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of Zagreb, Supervisor: Prof. B. Tamhina 1986. – 1991. Postgraduate study of Organic Chemistry, Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb 21.06. 1991. M. Sc. degree :, “Artificial Molecular Receptors and Carriers for Amino Acids and Peptides. Peptide Derivatives of Aza Crown Ethers.”, Supervisors: Prof. M. Zinic and Prof. V. Skaric. 11. 02. 2000. Ph. D. degree: “Molecular Recognition of Amino Acids and Dipeptides by Peptidic Derivatives of Aza Crown Ethers, Cryptands and Calixarenes”, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. Supervisor: Prof. M. Zinic 01. Oct. 2003 - 30. Sep. 2004. Postdoctoral fellowship: - Centre for Synthesis and Chemical Biology, postdoctoral fellowship at University College Dublin (Ireland), with Prof. Dr. Raphael Darcy on project: ‘New Genocomplexes - application of recent advances in the supramolecular chemistry of cyclodextrins to the synthesis of novel constructs for ultimate use in gene delivery'

Research Interest

supramolecular chemistry, self-assembly and self-organization, molecular recognition


  • L. Frkanec, M. Žinić, "Chiral bis(amino acid)- and bis(amino alcohol)-oxalamide gelators. Gelation properties, self-assembly motifs and chirality effects",Chem. Commun.46(2010) 522-537.

  • V. ÄŒaplar, L. Frkanec, N. Å ijaković Vujičić, M. Žinić, "Positionally Isomeric Organic Gelators: Structure-Gelation Study, Racemic versus Enantiomeric Gelators, and Solvation Effects",Chem. Eur. J.16(2010) 3066-3082.

  • N. Galić, N. Burić, R. TomaÅ¡, L. Frkanec, V. TomiÅ¡ić, "Synthesis and cation binding properties of fluorescent calix[4]arene derivatives bearing tryptophan units at the lower rim",Supramol. Chem.23(2011) ; 389-397.

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