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Marijan Gotić

Senior scientist
Division of Materials Physics
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


His Date and place of birth  is May 2, 1961, at Varaždin, Croatia. His research and other projects are: 2014-2015: principal investigator of Croatian-Slovenian bilateral project: “Synthesis and microscopic characterization of metallic nanoparticles designed for the application in biomedicine” 2014– 2015: BICRO project "Bioreactor-based engineering of bone tissue using novel system of differentiation" 2012-2013: principal investigator of Croatian-German bilateral project: „The influence of metal properties on nanoparticle-cell-interaction: cellular effects induced by noble metal nanoparticles” 2010-2011: principal investigator of Croatian-German bilateral project: „Nanoparticle cell interaction: Molecular signaling events induced by synthesized new nanomaterials“ 2009-2010: researcher on the Croatian-Serbian bilateral project: „Metal oxides – structural and magnetic properties“

Research Interest

chemistry of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles, application of nanoparticles in biomedicine


  • T. Jurkin*, M. Gotić*, G. Štefanić, I. Pucić, Gamma-irradiation synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles in the presence of PEO, PVP or CTAB, Radiat. Phys. Chem. 124 (2016) 75–83.

  • T. Jurkin, G. Štefanić, G. Dražić, M. Gotić*, Synthesis route to δ-FeOOH nanodiscs, Mater. Lett. 173 (2016) 55–59.

  • T. Jurkin, M. Guliš, G. Dražić, M. Gotić*, Synthesis of gold nanoparticles under highly oxidizing conditions, Gold Bull. 49 (2016) 21–33.

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