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Mario Vazdar

Research associate
Division of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute

Mario Vazdar


Education B. Sc. Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, University of Zagreb, 2002. Ph. D. Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, 2008.

Research Interest



  • Pasquier, Coralie; Vazdar, Mario; Forsman, Jan; Jungwirth, Pavel; Lund, Mikael. Anomalous Protein-Protein Interactions in Multivalent Salt Solution. // The journal of physical chemistry. B, Condensed matter, materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical. 121 (2017) , 14; 3000-3006.

  • Kokan, Zoran; Perić, Berislav; Vazdar, Mario; Marinić, Željko; Vikić-Topić, Dražen; Meštrović, Ernest; Kirin, Srećko I. Metal-Induced Supramolecular Chirality Inversion of Small Self-Assembled Molecules in Solution. // Chemical communications. 53 (2017) , 12; 1945-1948.

  • Artiglia, Luca; Edebeli, Jacinta; Orlando, Fabrizio; Chen, Shuzhen; Lee, Ming-Tao; Corral- Arroyo, Pablo; Gilgen, Anina; Bartels-Rausch, Thorsten; Kleibert, Armin; Vazdar, Mario; Carignano, Marcelo; Francisco, Joseph; Shepson, Paul; Gladich, Ivan; Ammann, Markus. A surface-stabilized ozonide triggers bromide oxidation at the aqueous solution-vapor interface. // Nature Communications. 8 (2017) ; 700-1-700-8.

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