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Martina Vrankić

Research Assistant
Division of Materials Physics
Rudjer Boskovic Institute

Martina Vrankić


Education 2010. - 2014 - Ph. D. study in Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia 1999-2005 - B. Sc. study in Physics (mentor: Goran Pichler), Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Research Interest

Materials Physics


  • Vojta, Danijela; Vrankić, Martina; Bertmer, Marko; Schaumann, Gabriele E. Dehydration of α-oxalic acid dihydrate: structural, spectroscopic and thermal study with implications on the disruption of water molecular bridges in soil organic matter. // Thermochimica acta. 643 (2016) ; 73-82.

  • Popović, Jasminka; Jurić, Marijana; Pajić, Damir; Vrankić, Martina; Zavašnik, Janez; Habjanič, Jelena. Effect of the Cation Distribution and Microstructure on the Magnetic Behavior of the CoMn2O4 Oxide. // Inorganic chemistry. 56 (2017) , 7; 3983-3989.

  • Mohaček Grošev, Vlasta; Vrankić, Martina; Maksimović, Aleksandar; Mandić, Vilko. Influence of titanium doping on the Raman spectra of nanocrystalline ZnAl2O4. // Journal of alloys and compounds. 697 (2017) ; 90-95.

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