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Mile Ivanda

Head of Laboratory for Molecular Physics
Division of Materials Physics
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 1992 Ph.D., University of Zagreb. Title: "Structure and vibratory phenomena of amorphous silicon", Head: Dr. K. Furić. 1990 M.Sc., University of Zagreb. Title: "Investigation of the structural properties of amorphous silicon Raman spectroscopy", Head: Dr. K. Furić. 1986 B.Sc. in physics, University of Zagreb. Title: "Method of thermal wave in AC calorimetry", Head: Dr. Daniel Đurek. 1981-86 Study of engineering physics, University of Zagreb. 1980-81 Military Service 1980 Graduation, MIOC, Zagreb

Research Interest

Materials Physics


  • T. Bishof, M. Ivanda, et al., Linear and nonlinear Raman studies on CdSxSe1-x dopes glasses, J. Raman Spectr. 27, 297 (1996).

  • M. Ivanda, I. Hartmann, and W. Kiefer, Boson peak in Raman spectra of amorphous gallium arsenide: Generalization to amorphous tetrahedral semiconductors, Phys. Rev. B 51, 1567 (1995).

  • M. Ivanda, Raman-scattering measurements and fracton interpretation of vibrational properties of amorphous silicon, Phys. Rev. B 46, 14893 (1992).

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