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Momir Mališ

Division of Physical Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Momir Mališ is currently working at Rudjer Boskovic Institute in Division of Physical Chemistry.

Research Interest



  • Zlatko Brkljača, Momir Mališ, David M. Smith, Ana-Sunčana Smith Calculating CD Spectra of Flexible Peptides: An Assessment of TD-DFT Functionals Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 10 (2014) 3270.

  • Momir Mališ, Yohan Loquais, Eric Gloaguen, Himansu S. Biswal, François Piuzzi, Benjamin Tardivel, Valérie Brenner, Michel Broquier, Christophe Jouvet, Michel Mons, Nađa Došlić, Ivan Ljubić Unraveling the Mechanisms of Non-Radiative Deactivation in Model Peptides Following Photoexcitation of a Phenylalanine Residue Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (2012) 20340.

  • Momir Mališ, Yohan Loquais, Eric Gloaguen, Christophe Jouvet, Valérie Brenner, Michel Mons, Ivan Ljubić, Nađa Došlić Non-radiative relaxation of UV photoexcited phenylalanine residues: probing the role of conical intersections by chemical substitution Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (2014) 2285.

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