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Nađa Došlić

Division of Physical Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 10/1983 - 3/1988 Study of Chemistry at the University of Zagreb 10/1988 - 02/1991 Postgraduate Study of Atomic and Molecular Physics at the University of Zagreb 05/1995 - Ph. D., University of Zagreb. Doctoral thesis: ”Classical and semiclassical description of the interaction between electromagnetic field and particle”, supervisor: Dr. Slobodan Bosanac (in Croatian) 05/1997-12/1998 Humboldt postdoctoral fellow at the Free University Berlin, (host: Prof. Dr. Joern Manz)

Research Interest



  • Mališ, Momir; Došlić, Nađa. Nonradiative Relaxation Mechanisms of UV Excited Phenylalanine Residues: A Comparative Computational Study. // Molecules. 22 (2017) , 3; 493-1-493.

  • Došlić, Nađa; Fujimura, Y.; Gonzalez, L.; Hoki, K.; Kroner, D.; Kuhn, O.; Manz, J.; Ohtsuki, Y. Quantum control of ultrafast laser-driven isomerization reaction: Proton transfer and selective preparation of enantiomeres // Femtochemistry / DeSchryver, DeFeyter, Schweitzer (ur.). Berlin : VCH-Wiley, 2001. Str. 189-198.

  • Kühn, Oliver; Došlić, Nađa; Krishnan, Gereesh; Henk Fidder; Heyne, Karsten. Anharmonic Vibrational Dynamics of DNA Oligomers // Energy Transfer Dynamics in Biomaterial Systems / I. Burghardt, V. May, D. A. Micha, and E. R. Bittner (eds.) (ur.). Heidelberg : Springer, 2009. Str. 141-162.

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