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Strahil Ristov

SWenior associated researcher
Division of Electronics
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education PhD in Computer Science, 1997. Faculty of Electronics and Computing, University of Zagreb

Research Interest



  • Ristov, Strahil; Korenčić, Damir.Using static suffix array in dynamic application: Case of text compression by longest first substitution. // Information processing letters. 115 (2015) , 2; 175-181.

  • Ristov, Strahil; Korenčić, Damir. Fast construction of space-optimized recursive automaton. // Software, practice & experience. 45 (2015) , 6; 783-799.

  • Ristov, Strahil; Brajković, Vladimir; Čubrić Čurik, Vlatka; Michieli, Ivan; Čurik, Ino. MaGelLAn 1.0 : a software to facilitate quantitative and population genetic analysis of maternal inheritance by combination of molecular and pedigree information. // Genetics selection evolution. 48 (2016) ; 65-1-65.

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