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Tatjana Antonić Jelić

Research associate
Division of Materials Chemistry
Rudjer Boskovic Institute


Education 1991 Zagreb Faculty of Technology University of Zagreb, Croatia           Chemical Engineering 1994  Zagreb Faculty of Science University of Zagreb, Croatia           Physical Chemistry, Master of Science Degree in Chemistry 1998 Zagreb Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Croatia           Physical Chemistry, Ph.D. Degree in Chemistry

Research Interest

Materials Chemistry


  • Bosnar, Sanja; Bronić, Josip; Antonić Jelić, Tatjana; Subotić, Boris. Anomalous nucleation events during crystallization of zeolite A under marginal alkalinities : A population balance analysis. // Crystengcomm. 14 (2012) ; 3069-3079.

  • Ren, Nan; Bronić, Josip; Bosnar, Sanja; Dutour Sikirić, Maja; Antonić Jelić, Tatjana; Mao, Jian-Jiang; Subotić, Boris. The relationship between sub-micrometer sized ZSM-5, slice-like (lamellar) keatite and hollow α-quartz particles : A phase transformation study. // Crystengcomm. 15 (2013) , 25; 5032-5044.

  • Ren, Nan; Bosnar, Sanja; Bronić, Josip; Dutour Sikirić, Maja; Mišić, Tea; Svetličić, Vesna; Mao, Jian-Jiang; Antonić Jelić, Tatjana; Hadžija, Mirko; Subotić, Boris. Role of Subcolloidal (Nanozized) Precursor Species in the Early Stage of the Crystallization of Zeolites in Heterogeneous Systems. // Langmuir. 30 (2014) , 28; 8570-8579.

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