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Kristina Starčević

Research Associate
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University of Zagreb


Ph.D. Kristina Starčević was born in 1970 in Muenchen. She graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology and graduated in 1995. Postgraduate study in the field of natural sciences - a field of chemistry, the scientific branch of organic chemistry was enrolled in 1995 at the Faculty of Law. In January 2001 he earned an academic degree in Science, and in July 2005 he was Doctor of Science. The scientific title of the scientific associate was chosen in 2007. From December 1995 to January 2005, she was employed as a research fellow at the Department of Organic Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology. In that period he participated in scientific work on two domestic and one Croatian-American projects. She also participated in performing teaching and laboratory exercises from several compulsory courses of this institute. In July 2005 he is working as a leading scientist at GlaxoSmithKline Research Center Zagreb doo where he works until September 2010. During her work at the Research Institute, she received the GSK R & D's Exceptional Science Award Program in 2008 for the work of Macrolide for Malaria. From September 2010 until now she is working as a scientific associate at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Sc. Kristina Starcevic has 15 years of experience in synthetic organic and medical chemistry. The area of ​​scientific interest is related to the application of acquired knowledge in the field of biomedical sciences, field of veterinary medicine in terms of establishing the genetic basis, chemical and biochemical indicators related to the production and cattle health. He published 16 scientific papers quoted in CC. Three children are married.

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