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Maja Maurić

Scientific Assistant
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University of Zagreb


Dr. Sc. Maja Maurić, MD, was born on December 21, 1984 in Pula. After graduating from elementary and high school, in the academic year 2003/04 he enrolled at the Veterinary Faculty of the University of Zagreb. During her studies she wrote several student papers. For the work "Filogenetic analysis of animals from the order of beasts by comparing the control regions of mitochondrial DNA" was rewarded with Rector's Award, and with it participated in the Student Science Conference in Košice. For the work "Genetic Difference Between Wolves and Dogs by Comparing Control Regions of Mitochondrial DNA" was awarded the Dean Award and with them participated in the Croatian Biological Congress with international participation. She graduated in 2010 at the Institute for Microbiology and Contagious Diseases with a Clinic "Seroprevalence of the Husbandry in the Republic of Croatia". In June 2011 she was elected as a science nanny - assistant at the Veterinary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zagreb on a scientific project doc. Ph.D. Igor Štoković (Tissue, Chemical and Massage Composition of Simmental Breed Breed), where he is now employed.

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