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Alexandros Charalambides

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Cyprus University of Technology

Alexandros Charalambides


Dr Alexandros Charalambides is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and holds a PhD from Imperial College London. His PhD project was funded by Honda R & D Co, Ltd of Japan. He has worked at Imperial College London, at the University of Tokyo and on his return to Cyprus, at the Energy Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism. In 2009, he was appointed a Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Research Interest

His research interests are focused on experimental fluid dynamics and their adaptation to non-traditional energy systems.


  • Zachariadis T (2010) Residential Water Scarcity in Cyprus: Impact of Climate Change and Policy Options. Water Vol 2: 788–814.

  • Aleiferis P, Charalambides A, Hardalupas Y, Soulopoulos N, Taylor AM, et al. (2015) Schlieren-based temperature measurement inside the cylinder of an optical spark ignition and homogeneous charge compression ignition engine. Appl Opt 54: 4566-4579.

  • Kountouriotis A, Aleiferis PG, Charalambides AG (2014) Numerical investigation of VOC levels in the area of petrol stations. Sci Total Environ 1: 470-471.

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