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Charalambous Charalambos

Department of Education
Cyprus University of Technology


Undergraduate studies at the University of Cyprus (B.A., Elementary Education, 2000). Graduate studies at the University of Cyprus (M.A., 2003, Mathematics Education) and the University of Michigan (M.A., Statistics, 2006 and Ph.D., Educational Studies, 2008). Post-doctoral research at Harvard University (2009-2010).

Research Interest

Studying and assessing the quality of instruction, factors contributing to the quality of instruction and educational effectiveness in general (e.g., teacher knowledge, curricula and their use, unfolding of curriculum tasks during instruction with respect to their cognitive demands), exploring connections between the quality of instruction and student learning gains.


  • Charalambous, C. Y. (2015). Working at the intersection of teacher knowledge, productive dispositions, and teaching practice: A multiple-case study. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 18 (5),427–445.

  • Charalambous, C. Y. (2016). Investigating the knowledge needed for teaching mathematics: An exploratory validation study focusing on teaching practices. Journal of Teacher Education, 67 (3), 220-237.

  • Agathangelou, S., Charalambous, C.Y., & Koutselini, M. (2016). Reconsidering the contribution of teacher knowledge to student learning: Linear or curvilinear effects? Teaching and Teacher Education, 57, 125-138.

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