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Claus Rebholz

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Cyprus University of Technology


Claus Rebholz is Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at the University of Cyprus (UCY) and heads the Advanced Coatings Engineering (ACE) Group. He holds his Diploma in Materials and Surface Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen/Germany (1993), his M.Sc. (1995) and his Ph.D. from the University of Hull/UK (2000). Prior to his appointment at UCY (Nov. 2004) he worked as a Research & Development Executive Management Trainee in the field of Advanced Materials and Surface Engineering at the Robert Bosch Group in several research centres in Germany, Japan and the US (1998-2001), before establishing and leading a multidisciplinary Profit Centre in the area of Laser Materials Processing in Stuttgart/Germany (2001-2004). During his time at Robert Bosch he carried out and managed research projects in materials/surface engineering and laser materials processing, focusing not only on basic research but also on application-specific process development, consulting and support of product development and manufacturing within the divisions and plants world-wide.

Research Interest

His research interests and contributions are in Materials and Surface Engineering, Nanostructured Materials, Manufacturing Techniques/Processes, Thermal Manufacturing, Joining Processes and Laser Materials Processing. He has extensive international experience through research collaborations with universities and research institutes in Europe and the US, is a Guest Editor for Thin Solid Films and Surface and Coatings Technology and the author of over 50 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He is the recipient of a Marie Curie Excellence Team Award by the European Commission (NanoHeaters, 2006-2009), as well as grants totalling over 2.5 million Euros by EC, RPF, Bosch, etc. since 2005.


  • Polychronopoulou K., Lee J.-K., Tsotsos C., Demas N.G., Meschewski R.L., Rebholz C. and Polycarpou A.A., “Deposition and nanotribological characterization of of sub-100 nm thick protective Ti-based coatings for miniature applications”, Tribology Letters 44 (2011) 213-221.

  • Luster B., Stone D., Singh D.P., to Baben M., Schneider J.M., Polychronopoulou K., Rebholz C. and Aouadi S.M., “Textured VN Coatings with Ag3VO4 Solid Lubricant Reservoirs”, Surface and Coatings Technology 206 (2011) 1932-1935.-

  • Betelu S., Polychronopoulou K., Rebholz C. and Ignatiadis I., “Novel CeO2-based screen-printed potentiometric electrodes for pH monitoring”, Talanta 87 (2011) 126-135.

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