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Eleni Theodorou

Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
Cyprus University of Technology


Elena Theodorou is a Speech Therapist and holds a PhD degree in Linguistics from the University of Cyprus. Her doctoral dissertation dealt with the detection and diagnosis of (Special) Lung Disorder in Cypriots, and after being honored with Excellently awarded by the University of Cyprus. She holds a degree in Speech Therapy from the University of Patras and a Master's degree in Language and Communication Impairment in Children from the University of Sheffield. She has been trained in the MAKATON language system, which can be applied to people with severe communication difficulties and learning difficulties, and she is an acknowledged system trainer. During her basic studies she was a scholar at the Greek State Scholarship Foundation.

Research Interest

Her current research activity is to identify and diagnose children with (Special) Language Disorder and to map their language skills with the ultimate goal of more effective intervention.


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  • Theodorou Eleni, Maria Kambanaros, Kleanthes Grohmann. Specific Language Impairment: Diagnostic Issues. Language Variation 13: 217- 236.

  • Theodorou Eleni, Kleanthes Grohmann. Object clitics in Cypriot Greek children with SLI. Lingua 161: 144-158.

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