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Gregorios Itskos

Department of Physics
Cyprus University of Technology


Undergraduate studies at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (B.Sc. in Physics 1997). Graduate studies at SUNY at Buffalo, USA (Ph.D. in Physics 2003). Postdoctoral research at Imperial College London, UK (2003-2007). Lecturer in Dept. of Physics, Un. of Cyprus (09/2007-12/2011). Assistant Professor (12/2011- )

Research Interest

▪ Optical and magneto-optical spectroscopy of semiconductors ▪ Photophysics of organic semiconductors, colloidal nanocrystals and their blends for photovoltaic applications ▪ Charge, energy and spin transfer processes in semiconductors


  • Efficient dipole-dipole coupling of Mott-Wannier and Frenkel excitons in (Ga,In)N quantum well/polyfluorene semiconductor heterostructures, G. Itskos*, G. Heliotis, P. G. Lagoudakis, J. Lupton, N. P. Barradas, E. Alves, S. Pereira, I. M. Watson, M. D. Dawson, J. Feldmann, R. Murray, D. D. C. Bradley, Physical Review B 76, 035344, (2007)

  • blique Hanle measurements of InAs/GaAs quantum dot spin-light emitting diodes G. Itskos*, E. Harbord, S. Clowes, E. Clarke, L.F. Cohen, R. Murray, P. Van Dorpe, W. Van Roy Applied Physics Letters, 88, 22113, (2006) Published also in Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology, January 23, (2006)

  • Hybrid inorganic/organic semiconductor heterostructures with efficient non-radiative energy transfer, G. Heliotis, G. Itskos, R. Murray, M.D. Dawson, I.M. Watson, D.D.C. Bradley Advanced Materials 18, 334, (2006)

  • Efficient electrical spin injection from a magnetic metal/tunnel barrier contact into a semiconductor, B.T. Jonker, A.T. Hanbicki, Y.D. Park, G. Itskos, G. Kioseoglou and A. Petrou, Applied Physics Letters 80, 1240, (2002) Cited reference (44) in the Announcement of the Class for Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the Nobel Prize 2007 for “The Discovery of Giant Magnetoresistance”

  • Reduction of spin injection efficiency by interface defect spin scattering in ZnMnSe/AlGaAs GaAs spin polarized light emitting diodes, R.M. Stroud, A.T. Hanbicki, Y.D. Park, G. Kioseoglou, A.G. Petukhov, B.T. Jonker, G. Itskos and A. Petrou, Physical Review Letters 89, 166602, (2002), Naval Research Laboratory Alan Berman Research Publications Award 2002

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