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Gregoris Ioannou

Department of Social and Political Sciences
Cyprus University of Technology


Gregoris Ioannou is a sociologist and works as an adjunct Lecturer at Frederick University and at the University of Cyprus. He studied International History at undergraduate level and Political Sociology at postgraduate level at the London School of Economics and he received his PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick in 2011. His thesis was entitled “Labour relations in Cyprus: employment, trade unionism and class composition”. Since 2008 he has been teaching a variety of courses in the fields of media and communication, cultural studies and humanities as well as other social science courses. He has been engaged in research in the fields of oral and social history, employment, migration and social movements, digital public sphere and media framing. He has published aspects of his research work in international peer-reviewed journals such as "Mobilization: an international quarterly" and "Mediterranean Politics" (forthcoming), “WorkingUSA: the journal of labor and society”, “Capital and Class”, "Bulgarian Ethnology", “The Cyprus Review” and the “Annal of the Cyprus Research Centre” and has contributed five book chapters to edited volumes by Routledge, Synchronoi Orizontes, and by Rowman & Littlefield, Palgrave and Brill/Haymarket. He is a member of the European Sociological Association (ESA) and a founding member of the Cyprus Association of Political Science (KYSYPE). He is currently researching the impact on the economic crisis on South European labour markets and societies and the portrayal of the crisis in the media.

Research Interest

Sociology of work and employment (industrial relations, class structure, workplace ideologies] Political Sociology [institutions, social movements, trade unions] Sociology of media and mass communication [public sphere, semiotics, digital culture]


  • Charalambous, G. and Ioannou, G. (2015) No bridge over troubled waters: the Cypriot Left heading the government: 2008-2013 Capital and Class, Vol. 39:2, June 2015 pp. 265-286

  • Ioannou, G. (2014) Employment in crisis: Cyprus 2010-2013, The Cyprus Review, Vol 26:1, Spring 2014 pp. 107-126

  • Ioannou, G. (2006) Agricultural collectives in Cyprus: focusing on a hybrid of the late colonial era, Annal of the Cyprus Research Centre, XXXII, 2006, pp. 449-476 (in Greek)

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