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Ioannides-koutselini Mary

Department of Education
Cyprus University of Technology


Mary Koutselini is a Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus. She was the headperson of the department from 2010 until 2016 while she coordinates the postgraduate programme “Curriculum and Instruction” as well as the interdisciplinary postgraduate programme “Gender Studies”. She is also the Chair holder of the UNESCO Chair in Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment of the University of Cyprus. She has completed her undergraduate studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (BA, Greek Philology) and her postgraduate studies at the State University of New York (SUNY), Albany (M.Sc. in Curriculum Planning, Development and Evaluation), and Athens University (Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Curriculum Development). She has taught at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus (1980-1994); since 1994 she works at the department of Education of the University of Cyprus. She is a member of the National Committee appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for the reform of the Cyprus Curricula, the Committee for the Development and Evaluation of the Secondary teachers’ pre-service pedagogical training Curriculum, and the Advisory Committee for the evaluation system of the Ministry of Education and Culture. She is also a member in many committees for curriculum and staff evaluation. She has been the coordinator of many research projects funded by national and European programmes. She is an active member in many international academic associations (i.e. Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD-USA), European Association for Research on learning and instruction (EARLI), Children's Identity and Citizenship in Europe (CICE)). Recently, she has been appointed by the Mnistry of Education and Culture of Cyprus as Chairperson of the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education.

Research Interest

Curriculum Development and Evaluation, Teaching and Learning, Teacher Education and Development, History of Education, School Textbooks, Gender Studies, Gender and Education, Citizenship Education, Quality in Education


  • Koutselini, M., & Patsalidou, Fr. (2015). Engaging school teachers and school principals in an action research in-service development as a means of pedagogical self-awareness. Educational Action Research.

  • Erotocritou Stavrou, Th., & Koutselini, M. (2015). The active involvement of teachers in action research for differentiation of the teaching-learning process: Understanding the needs of students and weaknesses of the curriculum. Journal of Education & Social Policy, 2(2), 97-104

  • Agathangelou, S. A., Charalambous, C. Y., & Koutselini, M. (2016). Reconsidering the contribution of teacher knowledge to student learning: Linear or curvilinear effects? Teaching and Teacher Education, 57, 125-138

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