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Jehad Mousa

Research Associates
Physics department
Cyprus University of Technology


 Undergraduate at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Physics Department (B.Sc 1994), graduate studies at the Technical university of Athens, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics (M.Sc., 1997 and Ph.D., 2002). He has worked as Scientific Associate at the NRCPS 'DEMOKRITOS', Greece (Nuclear Physics Institute) (1997-2002) and as Postdoctoral Fellow (May 2002- Nov 2002) and Research Scientist (2002-present) at the University of Cyprus, Cyprus . He was a member of the CMS Collaboration at European Laboratory For Particle Physics (CERN), Geneva, SWITZERLAND, and now he is a member of the HADES Collaboration and CBM Collaboration at the at the Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung (GSI), Darmstadt, Germany.

Research Interest

  His research interests focused on High Energy Particle and Heavy Ion at Relativistic Energy Physics with emphasis on electroweak physics and experimental testing of unifying field theories; Analysis of the Standard Model and search for new particles and phenomena, study of hadronic matter properties such as effective masses, decay widths, electromagnetic form factors etc .; study of electron-positron pair emission in relativistic heavy-ion collisions; Study of vector meson mass distributions; study of chiral symmetry restoration in respect with elementary properties of hadrons. He has been active in the research, development, design of new detectors for particle identification and in new Monte Carlo algorithms for both High energy particles and Heavy Ion at Relativistic Energies.

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