Psychiatry Experts

Kadianaki Irini

Department of Psycology
Cyprus University of Technology


I received my first degree in Psychology at the University of Athens in 2005. I completed an MPhil (2006) and a PhD (2010) degree in Social and Developmental Psychology at the University of Cambridge in the UK, with the support of the Alexander Onassis Public Benefit Foundation and Cambridge European Trusts (Vergottis Bursary). I am on the editorial board of the journal “Culture & Psychology”. Since January 2011, I have been working at the Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus.

Research Interest

Social-psychological dimensions of immigration: resources for coping with racism and social exclusion. Issues of inter-group contact and communication between local and immigrant communities. Cultural-symbolic mediation in human development and during life-transitionsDevelopment and redefinition of the self through social interactionDiscursive, rhetorical psychologyQualitative Research Methods


  • Kadianaki, I., & Gillespie, A. (2015). Alterity and the Transformation of Social Representations: A Sociocultural Account. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 49(1), 73-8.

  • Andreouli, E., Kadianaki, I., & Xenitidou, M. (2016). Citizenship and social psychology: an analysis of constructions of Greek citizenship. In C. Howarth & E. Adreouli (Eds.), The Social Psychology of Everyday Politics. London: Routledge.

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