Mathematics Experts

Karageorghis Andreas

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Cyprus University of Technology


BA, MA, DPhil (Oxford University)

Research Interest

Numerical Analysis, Scientific Computing


  • Y-S. Smyrlis and A. Karageorghis: Numerical analysis of the MFS for certain harmonic problems, Modelisation Mathematique et Analyse Numerique, 38, 495-517, 2004

  • New content-based image retrieval system based on optimised integration of DCD, wavelet and curvelet features Fadaei S Amirfattahi R Ahmadzadeh M IET Image Processing (2017) Towards computer based lung disease diagnosis using accurate lung air segmentation of CT images in exhalation and inhalation phases Moghadas-Dastjerdi H Ahmadzadeh M Samani A Expert Systems with Applications (2017) A new efficient feature-combination-based method for dynamic texture modeling and classification using semi-random starting parameter dynamic Bayesian networks Koleini M Ahmadzadeh M Sadri S Multimedia Tools and Applications (2016)

  • B. Bialecki, G. Fairweather and A. Karageorghis: Optimal superconvergent one step nodal cubic spline collocation methods, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 27, 575-598, 2005

  • Z. Belhachmi, C. Bernardi and A. Karageorghis:Mortar spectral element discretization of Laplace and Darcy equations with discontinuous coefficients, Modelisation Mathematique et Analyse Numerique, 41, 801-824, 2007.

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