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Keravnou-papailiou Elpida

Department of Computer Science
Cyprus University of Technology

Keravnou-papailiou Elpida


Undergraduate studies at Brunel University, UK (B. Tech. in Computer Science, 1982). Graduate studies at Brunel University, UK (Ph.D. in Cybernetics, 1985). She has taught at University College London, UK (Lecturer, 1985-1991; Senior Lecturer, 1991-1992; Director of the M.Sc. Program in Computer Science). She is Associate Editor of the journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIM) and she is on the Editorial Board of the journal Systems Research and Information Science. She has been the Program Committee Chair for the 6th Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Europe (AIME’97) Conference.

Research Interest

Her research interests include Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems and their Applications in Medicine, Diagnostic Models, and Temporal Reasoning.


  • Adlassnig K.-P., Combi C., Das A.K, Keravnou E.T., and Pozzi G. (2006) "Temporal Representation and Reasoning in Medicine: Research Directions and Challenges", Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 38(2), pp.101-113.

  • Keravnou-Papailiou E. (2007), Implementing ECTS at the University of Cyprus, EUA Bologna Handbook, December 2007, article C 3.3-2 (pages 1-22), Raabe Academic Publishers.

  • Keravnou-Papailiou E. (2009), Flexibility through Learning Outcomes: implications for quality, EUA Bologna Handbook, September 2009, article B 2.3-2 (pages 1-14), Raabe Academic Publishers.

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