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Konstantinos Moulopoulos

Department of Physics
Cyprus University of Technology


B.Sc. in Physics (1982) University of Athens, Greece. Graduate studies in Research Center Demokritos (1982-1985), Athens, Greece. Graduate studies at Cornell University (1985-1989), Ithaca NY, USA. M.Sc. (1989) and Ph.D. in Physics (1990), Cornell Univ., USA. Postdoctoral Associate, Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Cornell Univ., USA (1990-1993). European Ecomonic Community (EEC) Postdoctoral Fellow, Laboratoire d’Etudes des Proprietes Electronique des Solides, CNRS, Grenoble, France (1993-1995). Assistant Professor, Univ. of Cuprus (1996-2003). Associate Professor, Univ. of Cyprus (2003 - present).

Research Interest

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics: Quantum Many-Body Coulomb Systems (phases of metallic Hydrogen - theory of metal-insulator transitions - Wigner crystals and paired spin-singlet phases in a magnetic field - universal properties of quantal charged systems); Generalized pairing in the condensed state (microscopic Superconductivity vs Fermonic paired supersolids); Quasicrystals (novel transmission properties of Fibonacci chains and Penrose networks); Nanoscale Physics in Aharonov-Bohm Configurations (electron-hole interactions in quantum nanorings); Quantum Hall Systems (thermodynamic magnetic properties in heterostructures and properties beyond de Haas-van Alphen oscillations); Gauge transformations and Physics beyond the standard Dirac phase factor; generic Topological aspects of Condensed Matter (especially in Graphene and in Topological Insulators).


  • G. Konstantinou and K. Moulopoulos, Generators of dynamical symmetries and the correct gauge transformation in the Landau Level problem: use of Pseudomomentum, and a Pseudo-angular momentum, European Journal of Physics, Vol. 37, Issue 6, Article Number: 065401 (2016) (18 pages)

  • G. Konstantinou, K. Kyriakou, and K. Moulopoulos, Emergent non-Hermitian contributions to the Ehrenfest and Hellmann-Feynman theorems, International Journal of Engineering Innovation & Research, Vol. 5, Issue 4, pp. 248-252 (2016)

  • G. Konstantinou and K. Moulopoulos, The “forgotten” pseudomomenta and gauge changes in generalized Landau Level problems: spatially nonuniform magnetic and temporally varying electric fields, International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Volume 56, Issue 5, pp 1484–1503, February (2017)

  • G. Konstantinou and K. Moulopoulos, Ground State thermodynamic and response properties of electron gas in a strong magnetic and electric field: Exact analytical solutions for a conventional semiconductor and for Graphene, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Vol. 05 No.03 (2017), Article ID:74872, 28 pages [March (2017)]

  • A.A. Avetisyan, A. P. Djotyan, and K. Moulopoulos, Nonlinear properties of gated Graphene in a strong Electromagnetic field, Physics of Atomic Nuclei (the Russian journal "Yadernaya Fizika") Vol. 80, No. 2, pp. 307–314 (2017)

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