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Livitzis Michalis

Department of Education
Cyprus University of Technology


Michalis Livitziis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from the University of Patra in 2005 and a Master's Degree in Micro-Optoelectronics from the University of Crete in 2009. He is currently working as Special Teaching Staff at the Department of Education. Currently, he teaches EDU 286 Natural Sciences in Primary School and participates as a supervisor at: EDU 429 Elementary School Teachers Experience III and EDU 439 Kindergarten School Teachers Experience III.

Research Interest

Michalis' research interests fall within the area of professional development of teachers regarding applying formative assessment methods when teaching Natural Science. In particular, he focuses on teacher-students interactions during classroom dialogues and how teachers use the information that emerges in order to help their students overcome their difficulties and imrpove their understanding.


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  • Papadouris, N., Constantinou, C., Papaevripidou, M., Livitziis, M., Scholinaki, A., & Hadjilouca, R. (2016). Design, Development and Refinement of a Teaching-Learning Sequence on the Electromagnetic Properties of Materials. In Iterative Design of Teaching-Learning Sequences (pp. 331-369). Springer Netherlands.

  • Livitziis, M. Papadouris, N., Irakleous E., Constantinou P. C., (2016). A case study of the use of “on the fly” interactions between the teacher and the students as a means of formative assessment. In J. Lavonen, K. Juuti, J. Lampiselkä, A. Uitto & K. Hahl (Eds.), Electronic Proceedings of the ESERA 2015 Conference. Science education research: Engaging learners for a sustainable future, Part 11 (co-ed. J. Dolin & P. Kind), (pp. 1748-1758). Helsinki, Finland: University of Helsinki. ISBN 978-951-51-1541-6

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