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Loukas Kanetis

Assistant Professor
Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science
Cyprus University of Technology


Loukas Kanetis is an assistant professor of Cyprus University of Technology from the department of Agricultural Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Science. He did his PhD in Plant Pathology in the year 2007 from the University of California.

Research Interest

His research integrates basic and applied research to address problems of concern to the Cyprus agribusiness, in terms of plant disease management.


  • Kanetis L, Testempasis S, Goulas V, Samuel S, Myresiotis C, et al. (2015) Identification and mycotoxigenic capacity of fungi associated with pre- and postharvest fruit rots of pomegranates in Greece and Cyprus. Int J Food Microbiol 208: 84-92.

  • Filippou P, Antoniou C, Obata T, Van Der Kelen K, Kanetis L (2016)Kresoxim-methyl primes Medicago truncatula plants against abiotic stress factors via altered reactive oxygen and nitrogen species signalling leading to downstream transcriptional and metabolic readjustment. J Exp Bot 67: 1259-1274.

  • Kanetis L, Exarchou V, Charalambous Z, Goulas V (2017) Edible coating composed of chitosan and Salvia fruticosa Mill. extract for the control of grey mould of table grapes. J Sci Food Agric 97 :452-460.

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