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Loutsiou Anthi

Department of Psycology
Cyprus University of Technology


Dr. Anthi Loutsiou is the Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology and worksclosely with students, faculty, staff and community partners to ensure high quality training for the department’s psychology trainees, helping them prepare for the challenges of contemporary psychological practice.Anthi received her Bachelors degree in Psychology at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, USA and completed her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Denver in Colorado, USA. Anthi is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Psychological Society, the Association for Contextual Psychology, and the International School Psychology Association. She has served the field of psychology in various roles as the Vice President of the Cyprus Psychologists Association (, as an appointed member to the Cyprus Registration Board for Professional Psychologists and as the National Representative to the Presidents’ Council of the European Federation of Psychologists Associations. She is also a partner for the European Psychology Learning and Teaching Network project ( ).Anthi enjoys the challenges and rewards of teaching and her academic caseload has includedundergraduate courses (e.g. “Applications of Psychology and Field Experience,” “Introduction to Psychology,” and “Diagnostic Methods in Psychology”) and graduate/doctoral courses (e.g. “Behavior Analysis and Modification,” and “Professional Seminars in School Psychology”). Anthi has also lectured at the University of Denver and has presented her research work as an invited speaker at various international conferences. In collaboration with colleagues in the department and in the community, she has successfully secured various research grants. Since 2010, she has been a core research partner at the Center for Applied NeuroSciences ( ).Anthi is also a licensed Clinical Psychologist in Cyprus and in Colorado, USA. As a clinician, Anthi is trained in the behaviour analytic tradition and has extensive clinical experience with psychological assessment and intervention for a wide range of mental health issues and populations. As a clinician, she worked at various agencies in Colorado USA, including the Rehabilitation Unit at the Denver VeteransHospital and she was team psychologist on the Behavior Modification Inpatient Unit at the Colorado Mental Health Institute at Fort Logan, where she was worked with treatment resistant psychiatric patients. After returning to Cyprus, Anthi worked as a clinical psychologist at Mental Health Services/Ministry of Health prior to coming to the University of Cyprus. Anthi is an experienced psychological consultant and has collaborated with various agencies in the public and private sectors for employee assistance services, staff training, and consultation with management regarding psychosocial risk factors. In her personal time, Anthi makes time to enjoy all that Cyprus has to offer. The sea and yoga keep her grounded, while winter skiing rejuvenates and challenges her.

Research Interest

Anthi is particularly interested in research projects that have pragmatic and applied value. At this time her research interests focus on the following:1) Parent Training for Children’s Behavior Problems2) Parenting Stress and Coping 3) Early Intervention with Eating Disorders 4) Experiential Avoidance 5) Professional Issues in Psychology/ Teaching of Psychology


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