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Lysandros V. Pantelidis

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics
Cyprus University of Technology

Lysandros V. Pantelidis


"Lysandros V. Pantelidis is Lecturer in the department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics. He is graduate of the Civil Engineering department of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh) and holds a doctorate diploma from the same department. In his doctoral dissertation he developed an integrated landslide risk assessment system for National Roads and Motorways. In this framework, he proposed separate systems for the assessment of the failure hazard of earth slopes, rock slopes and highway embankments (typical, on sloping ground and on soft ground) emphasizing the role of the most common triggering factors for failure, that is, climatic conditions and earthquake. Also, he developed geotechnical models for the prediction of the failure extent of landslides in order to better assess social ramifications related to obstructed traffic flow and travelers’ safety. For seven successive years, Lysandros Pantelidis, was Adjunct Professor at the department of Civil Infrastructure Engineering of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, where he taught the courses: Highway Technical Works (lecture and laboratory), Reinforced Concrete (lecture) and Rock Mechanics - Tunneling (laboratory). He also worked as Research Assistant Professor at the department of Civil Engineering of Colorado School of Mines (USA), where he had the honor to collaborate with the distinguished scientist Dr Vaughan Griffiths."

Research Interest

His main research interests cover a wide range of subjects, among others, the landslide risk assessment, the stability assessment of earth and rock structures with emphasis on the main triggering factors for failure (i.e. climatic conditions and earthquake), the development of analytical methods in geomechanics, the probabilistic stability analysis of earth structures by finite elements and the development of design guides of passive rockfall measures combining rockfall simulation and field data.


  • Pantelidis, L. (2013). Equal-area projection: Spheroid to sphere to plane. Global Journal of Advanced Research on Classical and Modern Geometries. 2(2), 76-79.

  • "Pantelidis, L. & Griffiths, D.V. (2013). Integrating Eurocode 7 (load and resistance factor design) using nonconventional factoring strategies in slope stability analysis. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 51(2), 208-216. "

  • Gravanis, E., Pantelidis, L. & Griffiths, D.V. (2014). An analytical solution in probabilistic rock slope stability assessment based on random fields. International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, 71, 19-24.

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