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Maria G Antoniou

Assistant Professor
Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Cyprus University of Technology


Dr. Maria G. Antoniou is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science and Technology of the Cyprus University of Technology. She has a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Cyprus (2002) and has completed the PhD Water Quality Program of the University of Cincinnati in March 2010. During her PhD tenure, she served as a Guest Visitor at the USEPA in Cincinnati, were she performed experiments for her thesis work. Dr. Antoniou also worked as a Post-doctoral Fellow at DTU-Environment (2 year appointment) of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). During her doctoral and Post-doctoral tenures she utilized advanced oxidation technologies/processes (AOTs or AOPs) for the removal of emerging contaminants such as cyanotoxins and pharmaceuticals from water and wastewater, respectively. She has also performed intermediate studies and unveiled the degradation pathways for various contaminants (microcystin-LR, cylindrospermopsin and creatine) with hydroxyl and sulfate radical based AOTs. So far, she has authored 14 publications in prestigious environmental journals such as Environmental Science and Technology, Water Research and Applied Catalysis B: Environmental.

Research Interest

Application of AOTs/AOPs for water treatment, swimming pool-water and polishing of wastewater, utilization of tandem mass spectrometry for the identification of intermediate products following AOTs/AOPs application, and toxicity studies.


  • Maria G Antoniou, Usha Nambiar, Dionysios D (2009) Investigation of the photocatalytic degradation pathway of the urine metabolite, creatinine: The effect of pH. Water Research 43: 3956- 3963.

  • Hyeok Choi, Maria G Antoniou, Armah A, Elias Stathatos, Dionysios D (2007) Photocatalytic TiO2 Films and Membranes for the Development of Efficient Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Systems. Desalination 202: 199-206.

  • Maria G Antoniou, Armah A, Dionysios D (2005) Cyanotoxins: A New Generation of Water Contaminants. Journal of Environmental Engineering 131: 1239-1243.

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