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Maria Iacovou

Department of History and Archaeology
Cyprus University of Technology


STUDIES Undergraduate studies in Classics and Classical Archaeology: State University of New York at Albany (B.A. summa cum laude 1978). Graduate studies in Pre-Classical Archaeology: Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati (Ph.D. 1984). Post-doctoral Research Fellow: Institute of Classical Studies, University of London (1986). PROFESSIONAL APPOINTMENTS 1982: Temporary Archaeological Officer in the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus. 1987-97: Director of the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, editor-in-chief of the publication programme and curator of the Foundation’s Cyprological collections. 1998-2008: Associate Professor of Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, University of Cyprus. SCHOLARSHIPS AND RESEARCH AWARDS 1976-78: Fulbright Commission Travel Grant for studies in the United States of America. 1976-78: Tuition scholarship from the State University of New York at Albany. 1979-84: Louise Taft-Semple Fellow of the Department of Classics, University of Cincinnati. 1986: Centenary Bursar of the British School at Athens. 1986: Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Classical Archaeology, University College London. 1992: Grantee of the Archaeological Society of Athens in Greece. 1996: Stanley Seeger Visiting Research Fellow of the Hellenic Studies Programme, Princeton University. 2004: British Academy Visiting Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford University 2004-05: Foreign Research Fellow of the Alexander Onassis Foundation in Greece. 2011: The Onassis Foundation (USA) Senior Visiting Scholar in the United States CONFERENCE ORGANISATION 1998: “Cyprus. The Historicity of the Geometric Horizon”, Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus. 2000: “Archaeological Field Survey in Cyprus: Past History and Future Potentials”, Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus. 2002: “The Philia Culture and the Transition from Chalcolithic to Early Cypriot”, Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus. 2006: “Parallel Lives: Ancient Island Societies in Crete and Cyprus”, Archaeological Research Unit; University of Crete; British School at Athens. 2010: “Cyprus and the Aegean in the Early Iron Age. The legacy of Nicolas Coldstream”, An Archaeological Workshop in memory of Professor J. N. Coldstream, Archaeological Research Unit.2012 (May): Basileis and poleis on the island of Cyprus. The Cypriote Polities in their Mediterranean context, Cultural Foundation and Archaeological Research Unit. ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS Αssistant Dean, Faculty of Letters (1998-2000). Vice Chairperson, Department of History and Archaeology (1998-2000; 2006-2008). Chairperson, Department of History and Archaeology (2000-2003). Μember of the Senate, University of Cyprus (2000-2003). Member of the Board of the Faculty of Letters (1998-2003; 2005-2008). Member of the Finance Committee, University of Cyprus (2001-2002). Member of the University of Cyprus Academic Committee for the School of Tour Guides (2000-2001). Representative of the University of Cyprus to the 31st General Assembly of UNESCO, Paris (Νοvember 2001). Co-ordinator of the Department’s post-graduate programme in “Mediterranean Archaeology from Prehistory to Late Antiquity” (2005-2009). Member of the Committee for the Examination and Evaluation of Academic Degrees in History, Archaeology and the Classics. The Cypriote Council for the Recognition of Academic Titles (2005- ). Μember of the ad hoc Committee on the Environment, University of Cyprus (2007-2010).Μember of the Senatorial Committee for the Environment (2011- ).

Research Interest

Urbanism and state formation in the second and first millennia BC. The Mediterranean island cultures in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages. The archaeology of migration/colonisation episodes. Ancient Cyprus: landscape studies, economic systems, urban topography and historical cartography.


  • Iacovou, M. 2014. Cyprus in the 12th century BCΕ. Settlement pattern crisis and restructuring. The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of the Levant (ca. 8000 – 332 BCE), Margreet L. Steiner and Ann E. Killebrew (eds). Oxford: Oxford University Press.

  • Counts, D. and M. Iacovou (eds), 2013: New Approaches to the Elusive Iron Age Polities of Ancient Cyprus, BASOR vol. 370 Special Issue [volume pages 1-205].

  • Hatzopoulos, M and M. Iacovou (eds), 2014: BASILEIS ET POLEIS SUR L'ILE DE CHYPRE: Les régimes politiques chypriotes dans leur contexte méditerranéen. Cahier du Centre des Etudes Chypriotes vol. 40. Paris.

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