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Mathew Zervos

Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
Cyprus University of Technology


M.Zervos obtained his BEng (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey between 1987-1991 and MSc in Microelectronic Materials and Devices at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) between 1991-1992. Completed a PhD in semiconductor physics on 'Delta–doping of InGaAs quantum wells grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy' in the Department of Physics at the University of Wales,Cardiff between 1994-1998. Has worked for STC Technology Ltd at Harlow in the UK and Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven the Netherlands, on compound semiconductors and nanotechnology but also for the University of Crete and the Foundation Of Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH) at the Institute of Electronic Structure and LASERs (IESL) in Greece. He has a broad range of expertise covering synthesis, electrical ,structural and optical characterization of semiconductor materials, device processing including optical and electron beam lithography and computational semiconductor physics. M.Zervos joined the University in August 2006 and set up the Nanostructured Materials and Devices Laboratory in May 2008 for the growth of semiconductor nanowires and the study of their fundamental properties for energy related device applications . He currently teaches mechatronics as part of the undergraduate curriculum and semiconductor physics to postgraduates undertaking research in the materials science group of the department but also for postgraduates from other departments e.g. electrical engineering and physics. Finally he is a chartered engineer (CEng) of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEE) and also holds the title of chartered physicist (CPhys) of the Institute of Physics (IoP) in the UK.

Research Interest

Research activities are currently focused on the synthesis of n- and p-type metal oxide and chalcogenide semiconductor nanowires their structural, electrical and optical properties but also core-shell p-n junction nanowires for the fabrication of all-inorganic quantum dot sensitized nanowire solar cells, supercapacitors but also for the photocatalytic generation of hydrogen.


  • M.Zervos and A.Othonos, 'Compositional tuning, properties and the conversion of In2xGa2-2xO3 nanowires into I–III–VI2 chalcopyrite Cu(InxGa1-x)S2 Accepted,DOI10.15761/FNN.1000106, Frontiers in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (2015).

  • M.Zervos, E.Vasille, Eu.Vasille, E.Karageorgou and A.Othonos, Current transport properties of CuS/SnO2 versus CuS/In2O3 nanowires and negative differential resistance in quantum dot sensitized solar cells‘, Accepted, ACS Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2015).

  • M.Zervos, E.Vasille, Eu.Vasille and A.Othonos, Core shell PbS/Sn:In2O3 and branched PbIn2S4 /Sn:In2O3 nanowires in quantum dot sensitized solar cells‘, Invited Paper in the Focus Issue on Nanowires, Nanotechnology IoP (2016).

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