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Michael Paraskevi

Department of Education
Cyprus University of Technology

Michael Paraskevi


Undergraduate studies at the Democritous University of Thrace (Department of Primary Education, 2007). Graduate studies at the University of Cyprus (Μ.A. in Mathematics Education, 2009/ PhD in Mathematics Education, 2013). Research Associate in the Research Program of the University of Cyprus 'Spatial Ability and Geometrical Thinking Development' Research Associate in the Research Program of the Research Promotion Foundation 'Ability of using multible representations in functions and geometry: the transition from middle to high school'.

Research Interest

The conceptual apprehension of the geometrical figure and geometrical reasoning. Students' conceptual changes after their transition to a next educational level. The role of representations and gestures in the learning of mathematics. Affective domain and learning of mathematics.


  • Michael, P., Gagatsis, A, Avgerinos, E. & Kuzniak, A. (2011). Middle and High school students’ operative apprehension of geometrical figures. Acta Didactica Universitatis Comenianae – Mathematics, 11, 45 –55.

  • Michael, P. (2012). The Operative Apprehension of a Geometrical Figure through Students’ Transition to a Next Educational Level. Mediterranean Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 11 (1-2), 147 – 165.

  • Michael – Chrysanthou, P., Gagatsis, A. (2013). Geometrical figures in task solving: an obstacle or a heuristic tool? Acta Didactica Universitatis Comenianae – Mathematics, 13, 17-30.

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