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Nadia Charalambous

Department of Architecture
Cyprus University of Technology


Nadia Charalambous studied Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, University of London from 1987-1992, where she received her BSc. in Architecture and Environmental Studies, M.Sc. in Advanced Architectural Studies and the Diploma in Architecture. She subsequently completed her Ph.D. studies at the National Technical University in Athens, NTUA (Spatial Forms of Diversity: the traditional Cyprus dwelling). Before assuming her current position at the University of Cyprus, she was the Head of the Architecture Department at the University of Nicosia, where she taught courses in architectural design and architectural theory. Underpinning all research and professional activities is a continuous interest in the complex relationship between spatial configuration and social phenomena. This work laid the foundation for a sustained record of conference presentations, publications in international journals and conference proceedings. She has also participated in architectural competitions, in some of which she was awarded with prizes.

Research Interest

Research interests aim to address the inherently complex relationship between spatial configuration and social phenomena, both methodologically and theoretically. Past and planned research focuses on issues of urban conflicts and urban segregation, immigrant residential patterns and accessibility to public space, domestic space organisation in relation to ethnicity and culture. Recent research work explores design methodologies in architecture, through research by design.


  • N.Charalambous, “Understanding urban segregation: issues of ethnicity, age and gender in Nicosia’s public space”, Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Vol. 5, No 6:527-542, (2011).

  • N.Charalambous and C.Hadjichristos, “Overcoming Divisions in Nicosia’s Public Space”, in Perspectives on Urban Segregation, Built Environment, Vol.37, No.2: 170-183, (June 2011). [Publisher: Alexandrine Press, UK].

  • N. Charalambous, “ The spatial distribution of immigrants’ residential patterns in Nicosia: a study of the relationship between urban morphology and social deprivation”, proceedings of the 24th ENHR (European Network for Housing Research) conference: Housing: Local Welfare and Local Markets in a Globalised World, Lillehammer, Norway 2012.

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