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Pantelis Georgiades

Department of Biological Sciences
Cyprus University of Technology


Dr Pantelis Georgiades is currently an Assistant Professor and head of the 'Embryology and Stem cells' research Lab at the 'Department of Biological Sciences' of the 'University of Cyprus'. He obtained his BSc. Hons degree from the School of Biological Sciences of 'Queen Mary, University of London' (UK) with a scholarship for undergraduate research from the 'Gatsby Charitable Foundation'. He then obtained his PhD degree in 'Developmental Biology' (from research in Prof. Paul Brickell's Lab) from the Department of 'Molecular Pathology' at 'UCL, University of London' (UK), whilst being a recepient of scholaships from the 'Wellcome Trust' and the 'A.G. Leventis Foundation'. Subsequently, Dr Georgiades carried our research in 'Embryology, Placentology and Epigenetics' as a postdoctoral Fellow (scholarship from the 'Wellcome Trust') at the 'Department of Anatomy' (with Prof. Anne Ferguson-Smith and Prof. Graham Burton) of the 'University of Cambridge' (UK). He then carried out research with Prof. Janet Rossant in 'Extraembryonic tissues and Stem cells', whilst receiving a scholarship from the 'Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute' of 'Mount Sinai Hospital' (Canada). Dr Georgiades has published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals including “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS)”, “Development”, “Placenta” και “Nature Communications”.

Research Interest

Our Lab aims to understand unknown, but medically significant, aspects of embryonic development: The amazing self-transformation of the fertilized egg (a small-sized and relatively simple structure without any tissues or organs) into the conceptus (foetus + extraembryonic tissues), which is much larger, increadibly more complex and contains all tissues and organs.Our current research objectives are to understand the genetic and cellular basis of:(a) The influence of extraembryonic tissues on early embryo patterning, gastrulation, organogenesis and viability.(b) The development and function of extraembryonic tissues (and their stem cells) with emphasis on the placenta.(c) Feto-maternal interactions in the placental and their effect on foetal growth/viability and the pregnant mother.


  • Charalambous F, Elia A, Georgiades P* (2012) Decidual spiral artery remodeling during early post-implantation period in mice: Investigation of associations with decidual uNK cells and invasive trophoblast. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 417, 847-852.

  • Charalambous C, Drakou K, Nicolaou, S, Georgiades P* (2013). Novel spatiotemporal glycome changes in the murine placenta during placentation based on BS?I lectin binding patterns. Anat╬┐mical Record 296, 921-932.

  • Polydorou C, Georgiades P* (2013). Ets2-dependent trophoblast signalling is required for gastrulation progression after primitive streak initiation. Nature communications, 4, 1658.

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