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Raftopoulos Athanasios

Department of Psycology
Cyprus University of Technology

Raftopoulos Athanasios


Raftopoulos Athanasios is an Associate Professor at Department of Psycology in Cyprus University.

Research Interest

My main research interests focus on the study of spatial memory. I am particularly interested in investigating how people encode and maintain in memory information about the locations of objects in their environment and how they use such information to carry out tasks such as maintaining orientation and navigating to previously seen locations etc. For more information about the research conducted in our lab please visit the the Experimental Psychology Lab site.


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  • Neokleous, K., Shimi, A., & Avraamides, M. N. (2016). Modeling the effects of perceptual load: Saliency, Competitive Interactions, and top-down biases. Frontiers in

  • Hatzipanayioti, A., Galati, A., & Avraamides, M.N. (2016). Updating spatial relations to remote locations described in narratives. Memory & Cognition, 44, 1269-1276.

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