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Savva Andri

Department of Education
Cyprus University of Technology


Graduate Studies at the University of Manchester (Med in Educational Studies, PhD in Arts Education, 2001).Undergraduate Studies in Pedagogical Academy of Cyprus (Teacher's Diploma) and at the University of Ioannina (BA in Education). She has worked as a teacher in primary schools and as a curriculum development officer in the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. She lectures on courses related to Art Education in the Department of Education, University of Cyprus. She has published on aspects of arts education and presented her work in national and international conferences.

Research Interest

The role of artists in education, multiple forms of literacy - art practices - learning, critical place- space approaches in art education, art in early childhood


  • Trimis, E. & Savva, A. (2008). The in-depth approach: Young children artistic learning in the context of museum environment and other cultural settings. In M. J. Narey (Ed) Making meaning: Constructing Multimodal perspectives of Languages, Literacy and Learning through Arts-Based Early Childhood Education. USA: Springer. (92-116).

  • Trimis, E. & Savva, A. (2009). Artistic learning in relation to young children’s chorotopos: An in depth approach to early childhood visual culture education. Early Childhood Education Journal.

  • Savva, A. (2013). Khôra, Topos and Praxis: Diverse Concepts and Meanings of Contemporary Art Education. In J. Baldacchino & R. Vella (Eds) Mediterranean Art and Education.Navigating Local, Regional and Global Imaginaries through the Lens of the Arts and Learning. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei: Sense Publishers.(43-59).

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