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Stavroula Constantinou

Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Cyprus University of Technology

Stavroula Constantinou


She was born in Dhekelia (Cyprus). She studied at the University of Cyprus (1992-1996), the Free University Berlin (1997-1999, 2000-2003), and the University of Cambridge (1999-2000). Since 2004, she teaches Byzantine philology at the University of Cyprus. She spent the academic year 2010-11 in Berlin as a Humboldt fellow ( She is a member of the European Cultural Parlament (

Research Interest

Her research interests include hagiography, critical edition of hagiographical texts, Byzantine literary genres, poetics, performance, narrative and feminist approaches, the body in Byzantine literature and culture and the literary image of the Other.


  • 2016. "Horizons of Clerical Authors and Audiences: Towards a Sociology of the Miracle Story Collection", Proceedings of the 23rd International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Belgrade, 22-27 August 2016, Round Tables. Belgrade: Serbian National Committee of AIEB, 86-90,

  • 2017. "Bloodthirsty Emperors: Performances of Imperial Punishments in Byzantine Hagiography", in: E. Birge Vitz and M. Pomerantz (eds.) In the Presence of Power: Court and Performance in the Pre-modern Middle East (700-1600 CE). New York and London: New York University Press, 30-41

  • 2017. "The Saint's Two Bodies: Sensibility under (Self-)Torture in Byzantine Hagiography", Classica et Mediaevalia 66, 1-36

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