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Stylianopoulos Nikos

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Cyprus University of Technology


EDUCATION Ph.D. (Mathematics) Brunel University, 1990 M.Sc. (Numerical Analysis) Brunel University, 1987 B.S. (Mathematics) University of Patras, 1985 EMPLOYMENT Professor, University of Cyprus, 2010- Associate Professor, University of Cyprus, 2002-2010 Visiting Associate Professor, University of Crete, Fall 1999 and Spring 2007 Assistant Professor, University of Cyprus, 1996-2002 Lecturer, University of Cyprus, 1993-1996 Visiting Lecturer, University of Athens, 1992-1993 Research Fellow, Brunel University, 1990 RECENT APPOINTMENTS Director Sep. 2016-Jan. 2017, Center for Learning and Teaching, University of Cyprus Academic Advisor 2016-2018, Onnasis Foundation Member of the Scientific Committee 2013-2018, Ministry of Education and Culture, Cyprus EDITORIAL BOARDS Computational Methods and Function Theory GRANTS AND AWARDS Academy of Athens award 2014 on Mathematical Analysis 2014, for the publication «Strong Asymptotics for Bergman Polynomials over Domains With Corners and Applications» Research in Pairs, MF Oberwolfach: "Stability of Reconstruction Algorithms from Moments", July 2016 (with B. Beckermann, M. Putinar and E. Saff) UCY research grant 3/311-21033, "Orthogonal Polynomials in the Complex Plane", 2013-2015 UCY research grant 3/311-21027, "Orthogonal Polynomials in the Complex Plane", 2010-2012 Research in Pairs, MF Oberwolfach: "Distribution of Zeros and Asymptotics", Jan 2011 (with Ed Saff, Herbet Stahl and Vilmos Totik) Research in Pairs, MF Oberwolfach: "Strong Asymptotics and Inverse Problems", Jan 2008 (with Bjorn Gustafsson, Mihai Putinar and Ed Saff Bursary, Faculty of Science, Brunel University, 1987-1988 National Scholarship for Excellence, Greek State Scholarships Foundation, 1986

Research Interest

FUNCTION THEORY Orthogonal polynomials, theory and applications Approximation in the complex plane Numerical methods in conformal mapping General theory of conformal mapping Quasiconformal mapping NUMERICAL ANALYSIS Numerical methods in complex analysis Iterative methods for linear systems Numerical solution of PDEs Moment problems POTENTIAL THEORY Potentials and capacity, extremal length Inverse potential problems Harmonic, subharmonic, superharmonic functions


  • On the zeros of aymptotically extremal polynomial sequences in the plane, (with E.B. Saff) J. Approx. Theory 191 (2015) pp. 118-127.

  • Orthogonal polynomials for area-type measures and image recovery, (with E.B. Saff, H. Stahl and V. Totik) SIAM J. Math. Anal. 47-3 (2015) pp. 2442-2463.

  • Boundary estimates for Bergman polynomials in domains with corners, Contemporary Mathematics, 661 (2016) pp. 187-198

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