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Theocharis R. Charis

Department of Chemistry
Cyprus University of Technology


 Education, Experience and Previous PositionsB. Tech. in Applied Chemistry, Brunel University, UK, 1979. Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, University of Cambridge, UK, 1982. Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK, 1982-1984. Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Brunel University, UK, 1984-1992. Associate Professor, Department of Natural Sciences and Department of Chemistry, University of Cyprus, 1992-2000. Editorial Board, “Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology”. Editorial Board, “Chemistry Education: Research and Practice in Europe (CERAPIE)”. Member of Divisional Board of Education, Division of FECS National Delegate to IUPAC.

Research Interest

The research interests of Professor Theocharis are: The study of adsorption on porous solids; surface properties of zeolites; microporous ALPO-n phases and the reactions of their surface with gases and vapours; surface texture and properties of the oxides and hydroxides of calcium and magnesium, solid state chemistry of organic crystals. Other research interests include: (1) Surface chemistry of zeolites: the study of ZSM-5 samples containing different Si:Al ratios, prepared from non-organic template routes. Comparison with samples prepared from conventional routes. The aim is to understand the role of aluminium and of its zoning in the surface chemistry of zeolites. (2) The characterization of the surface chemistry of samples of calcite (marble or limestone) from different Cyprus quarries known to have been in use during the classical period. (3) The study of the surface texture of a series of mesoporous solids of technological importance. (4) The study of the surface chemistry of novel cerium-based automobile emission catalysts. (5) The characterisation of traditional Cyprus products, such as Zivania, Commandaria, etc


  • Kyriakou, G.; Theocharis, C. R. “The Anomalous Sorptive Behaviour of ZSM-5 and Silicalite I: Observation of Low-Pressure Hysteresis in Nitrogen Adsorption,” Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal. 2002, 144, 709-716.

  • Kyriakou, G.; Paschalidis, I.; Theocharis, C. R. “Preparation of Mesoporous Ceria with the Use of Humic Acid as Matrix,” In Kaneko, K.; Kanoh, H.; Hanzawa, Y., Eds., Fundamentals of Adsorption 2002, 7, 201-207.

  • Petrakis, D. E.; Pashalidis, I.; Theocharis, C. R.; Hudson, M. J.; Pomonis, P. J. “Scaling Dimensions of Nitrogen Adsorption Characteristics in Modulated Mesoporous Aluminophosphates,” J. Colloid & Interface Sci. 1997, 185, 104-110.

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